Speed up your Internet browsing & resolve DNS-IP addresses locally with Fastnet
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Giuseppe Criaco

One of the easiest ways to speed up our Internet browsing is speeding up DNS look up. This can be done in a Windows system by manually editing the 'HOSTS' file. FasNet99 is a tool that does exactly this thereby making the web browser find requested resource faster. DNS lookups occur every time a browser is used for finding an Internet resource. And a single web address can make the browser to query multiple linked DNS servers thereby increasing the time in locating the requested resource. The first DNS server that the browser queries is that provided by the Internet Service Provider. However, these DNS servers only host an incomplete list IP addressees, and hence in most cases, has to query other linked DNS servers, and the process goes on until the exact match is found. Hence, FastNet99 holds a local table of DNS-IP addresses. So the browser performs a local search of DNS address, before looking up the DNS server of the ISP. FasNet99 makes it possible to add entries to this table for addresses that the browser takes a long time to resolve. Likewise, websites can be blocked by adding entries for those sites mapped to the local IP( of the system. Hence, it can be used to block unwanted adware and spyware, in addition to adult or inaproppriate sites. The program provides some nifty network analyzing tools like 'Ping' and 'TraceRoute' to troubleshoot your network problems. In addition to these, tools like 'Who Is' is provided to query Whois servers such as the Internet Network Information database.

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  • Can be used both as Internet speed booster and a web filter
  • Network troubleshooting tools
  • Small size
  • Free


  • Interface is a bit complex for a novice user
  • unInstallation does not completely remove all files from the system
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